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When you purchase a vehicle, whether new or used, it usually comes with a vehicle owner’s manual. The manual is there for you to utilize when you need to keep track of important maintenance on it, set up Bluetooth, using your radio/CD player, find and replace a headlight, light bulb, find and/or change a tire, find fluids and specifications, tune up information, and more.

If you’re car doesn’t come with an owner’s manual, we can help you find one. There are many sources to choose from when searching for a vehicle specific manual.


Owner’s Manual

I currently own a 1995 Ford Taurus LX wagon. This car does not have Bluetooth, or a CD player and there is no extra guide for these things as these items weren’t available back then. (I can purchase them aftermarket or go to someone who can install these items.) It also contains the information for the programmable entry door code – if your vehicle has one.Ford Taurus Wagon

The owner’s manual is specific to the car and comes with an index (either in the front or the back of the book) so that you may find the information that you’re looking for when you need it, such as light bulb replacement, tire size, heat/cool seat settings, adjusting seat and pedals, vehicle specifications, tune up information, and more.

The owner’s manual may come in a cover that contains not only the owner’s manual, but the Bluetooth guide, radio and CD information, maintenance guide and others. New cars have several of these books contained in the cover usually found in either the glove box or the console.

For each section you find in the index, you will find what it is and the page number. You go to the page number, it gives you the information and even pictures which is helpful.


Other Information

These manuals also contain information on how to adjust your seat, use the controls on the steering wheel, the dashboard, the radio, pedal adjustments, and others.

1995 Ford Taurus Wagon

It can also help you learn about the dashboard lights and what they mean. Different lights mean different things. It can tell you if your high beams and lights are on, if your door isn’t completely closed, if the oil is low, or the tire pressure is low just to name a few.

For example, if you don’t buckle your seat belt, the seat belt light will come on with a buzzer or beeper to tell you to buckle up.



My 2003 Buick owner’s manual has a section on cleaning. How to clean inside, outside, headlights, and more. It tells you what you need and how to clean each item. It also mentions what not to use on them as they can cause a fire, damage the product or cause a chemical reaction to skin/eyes.

For example…

Cars have vinyl, leather, plastic, glass, rugs/fabric in them. Each one requires you to wipe them off and how to, and then get the specific cleaner to clean them.

We will discuss different cleaning products for cleaning later on….


Free Owner’s Manuals

I’ve found a few places where you can obtain a free owner’s manual. Some places may require payment for whatever reason, but most are free.

Free Car Owners Manuals

How To Find Your Car Owner’s Manual Online


Other Manuals

Complete Service and Repair Manual

If or when you decide you’d like to be able to repair your own vehicle, there are a few manuals that you can invest in and use. There are 2 other manuals that I’m aware of, the service manual (mechanic’s technical guide) and the repair manual (the actual how to guide).

There are a few companies out there that have these manuals. They are Mitchell, Haynes, and Chilton to name a few. There are also ones you can find and buy online such as online digital manuals.




95% Don’t Even Read…

95% of people who have an owner’s manual in their car never read it. That is the guide to using, cleaning, maintaining and keeping your vehicle in good working order. You’d be surprised what you learn by reading it.

Take the time once a week to read something so that you can learn everything you can about the car and how to keep it healthy.

The car manufacturers did not put the owners manual and other books in the car for them to collect dust. They are there to be read, to find answers to problems (trouble-shooting), part numbers, fluids and specifications, tire sizes and other information.


I like being able to do things that need to be done on the car. finding the information I need to repair it, find the best deal on parts and accessories for it.

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