How to Change A Tire – What You Should Know

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Changing a tire can be very trying for someone who has never done it before. There are some things you should know and have before you attempt to do this.

For older cars, there is a place in the owners manual that has a section on how to change a tire. It tells you where to find the spare, the jack (to lift the car), where to put the jack, and a tire iron.

Newer cars may not have this information. You should always check when you buy a new car to make sure it has a spare! Dealers will not put a spare in unless you pay for one. Always make sure you have one!


Tire Information


If you have a spare tire, you should make sure that it has enough air in it in case you have to change the normal one out. It’s usually a smaller one called a donut, that holds usually about 60 psi (pounds per square inch. For cars with bigger tires, they may hold more air because it’s larger replacement.). It’s only good for 60 miles. You should only use it long enough to get to the tire store to buy a new one and have it installed.

You will need the size of the tire you currently have on the car to be able to get a proper size replacement.

This tire is a P205/75R14. P stands for Passenger and the R is for Rim size. So it will fit on a 14 inch rim.



Tire Change Video by Chris Fix



Tighten the Lug Nuts

Do not worry about having an inch/foot pound tool to tighten up your lug nuts (bolts) when you’re first learning how to do this.

Once you lower the car after putting the lug nuts on tight, just make sure you tighten them up to make sure they’re really snug with a regular 4-way lug nut wrench or a socket with the breaker bar.


I like being able to do things that need to be done on the car. finding the information I need to repair it, find the best deal on parts and accessories for it. Did you enjoy the article? Please feel free to ask a question, make a suggestion or leave a comment below.

8 Replies to “How to Change A Tire – What You Should Know”

  1. Great information for those first-timers, and the video provided good refresher points, like chocking the wheel. (Wood blocks in front&rear of tire).
    Note on where to find your tire size, is on rhe sidewall of your tire. Write the tire size down and keep with your registration in glove box for easy access!

  2. Great information regarding tire changing. I’m scared to think about how many kids these days out there that don’t have a clue how to change one. Hopefully they will find this post on their phone should they ever get a flat.

  3. I wish this site had existed when I had to teach myself how to change a tire. These tips are going to be so helpful to people out there who want to teach themselves how to change a tire. Thanks for this post! The video is a great touch.

    1. Thanks Erika! I learned how to change a tire through a friend when I was 13. I don’t have a video camera or people to help me, it was easier to view videos and share them with folks who needed to learn how to do these things.

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