Fun Accessories for Your Car, Truck, Crossover or SUV

Buying fun accessories for your car, truck, crossover or SUV is like finding parts for it. Whether you are looking for something common sense like vent visors over the windows to keep rain, snow and sleet out but helps to keep the windows clear during those times or a stone guard (bug shield) which keeps the stones and other items from damaging the paint on the front of the vehicle. 

There’s always things for the interior of the car as well. You can buy things such as a cellphone holder, a cigarette ashtray that fits in the cup holder, fancy car air fresheners, a console to put things in, a CD holder for your sun visor, or other such things. 


Exterior Accessories

This is a designer license plate holder.  You can personalize your own license plate holder. If you have a business this is a great way to advertise or maybe you have a saying you use all the time, or even just a great quote. 

You can also find them with sayings such as “CoExist”, team logos from the NFL or NBA or baseball, and other things like Disney characters, Tazmanian Devil, Bugs Bunny, Road Runner and other cartoons or whatever you are looking for. 


Vent Visors are designed to let air in while keeping the snow, sleet and rain outside the car. It helps to keep you dry and also the power switches dry. If they get wet enough, they short out so you will end up replacing them before you should. 

There are two types of vent visors. One is mounted on the outside of the car by double sided tape. Each set comes with instructions and tape. The other one is called an in-channel vent visor as it is installed in the place the window rolls up. 


Bug Shields are also known as Stone Guards. They help to keep the stones, sand and things that damage the paint off of the vehicle while its in motion. Its designed to also reduce the amount of bugs that hit the windshield down to a minimum. 

These items also have to be looked up by year, make and model as the hood sizes all differ from  one vehicle company and one span of years to another. You want it to fit on the vehicle, so you have to look it up properly. 

You can buy these online or order them from your local auto parts store. 


Christmas lights and other decorations can be put on the vehicle. I will sometimes see lighted wreaths on a grill, lights on the cars or trucks, antlers and a red nose at Christmas time, or bunny ears at Easter. You pick and choose what type decoration you want and personalize your vehicle. 

At the time this is being written, it’s almost Easter so you might want to put bunny ears on the vehicle you own. I like to see different things on cars as I drive along. 


Interior Accessories

For those of you who still smoke cigarettes and don’t have an ashtray in the vehicle this is perfect!

It’s a smokeless ashtray. You put it in the cup holder and use it when you smoke. You can empty it out in the proper receptacle when it’s full and use it again without littering (basically throwing the butt out the window).

It’s portable so you can take it with you. 



Floor mats are for any vehicle. They are good for keeping the mud, snow and salt off of the floor in your vehicle.

Salt can eat through the rug and rot the floor out, and wet stuff can make the car moldy if there is no mat to protect it. 

Mats can come with the vehicle brand name, camouflage, a team logo, a Disney character, Harley Davidson and other things on them. You may also want to find matching seat covers or steering wheel covers to match if you select that particular floor mat. 


Need more sockets for charging your phone, connecting your GPS, running a computer or anything like that? You can get a multiple socket charger that plugs right into the lighter unit. Its called a splitter. 

This one has multiple plugs and USB ports for your phone, computer, GPS, ect. You just put it into the lighter socket and then you can power or charge those items.



I did mention a CD holder that goes onto your visor in your car, truck, crossover or SUV. These just have elastics that slide over the visor and holds the holder in place. You can put in your audio books, music CDs, and other things.

They also make holders for the registration and insurance cards.



There are many other accessories you can add to your vehicle. Bumper stickers, window shades, advertising stickers, colored lighting and more!

I hope you enjoyed the article as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I enjoy helping people find the information the info needed to repair it, find the best deal on parts and accessories for it. Did you enjoy the article?

Please feel free to ask a question, make a suggestion or leave a comment below. Thank you!


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