can car batteries get wet

Can Car Batteries Get Wet? An Informative Guide

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The fact that you’re here and reading this is a sure sign that something happened to your battery. Whether your car went into some water, or you left your car’s battery out in the rain, it can be potentially dangerous.

There are two types of car batteries – sealed and flooded. Either of them can get wet, but only the flooded battery may be in serious trouble. 

The metal of the terminals on a battery is the most exposed part of the unit, so it should be kept away from water. This can be done by placing the battery inside a case and applying petroleum gel to the terminals.

 In this article, we will check if can car batteries get wet and basic battery maintenance.

How Many Types of Car Batteries are There?

can car batteries get wet


The modern cars of today could never function without a car battery. Intricate systems like the air conditioning and engine temperature monitoring system, all require juice in the form of charged electrons. These can only be provided by batteries. These batteries are connected to the engine, which charges it.

If you ever wanted to replace your battery and were in the market for a new one, the types of different batteries must have left you overwhelmed. It is important to know which battery works better for you. 

This is because some batteries have greater resistance to water, which is more suitable for people living in wet areas. If you live in one of these areas, you are probably wondering – can car batteries get wet?

Sealed Car Batteries

Sealed car batteries are spill-proof and water-proof. This means that nothing can get in or out of these batteries. Such batteries are more preferred for wet regions. 

Sealed batteries come in two basic working mechanisms, AGM and Gel Type. Another name for these is Valve Regulated Lead-Acid batteries.

Another plus point of sealed batteries is that they’re low maintenance. This is because flooded batteries lose water fairly quickly, whereas sealed batteries do not. These factors lead to them costing more than their counterparts.

Flooded Batteries

The other type of battery is a flooded battery. These are the standard go-to batteries for normal conditions. Each aspect of a sealed battery applies to these batteries, but  in the opposite form. They’re easy to get wet, are high maintenance, and cheaper to cost.

Precautions to Take When Working With Car Batteries

battery maintenance

People who live in areas with a lot of rainfall are prone to waking up to their batteries not working. Especially if their house doesn’t have a garage or they park their cars in the open. 

There are a few countermeasures you can apply to prevent your vehicle’s battery from getting wet constantly.

Buy a Battery Case

Order it online, or rush to the nearest auto parts store to buy one. This common item is a cheap and effective way to prevent water from entering the battery against your permission. Safeguarding it against water will ensure that the battery lives a long and healthy life.

Clean Your Batteries

It need not be said that it’s very important that you give your battery a monthly clean-up. Constant water damage can lead to corrosion on the terminals of the battery. 

This, in turn, makes it vulnerable to water even more. So take a piece of cloth and give your battery a good ‘ol rub now and then.

Seal Your Battery

In case your old battery is still rocking despite its age, make sure to inspect its condition frequently. The bodies of older batteries tend to crack and open up. This is an open invitation for water to enter the battery and damage it.

If buying a new battery is out of the question, buying a sealant is the only way to go. This cost-effective solution will seal any cracks present in your battery, and extend its life.

Buy a Sealed Battery

The only sure way to protect your battery against imminent water damage is to replace it with a sealed battery. As we mentioned above, these batteries are impervious to water and are perfect for wet conditions.

What is the Best Way to Clean Your Car Battery?

can car batteries get wet

If you’re dealing with an older battery, cleaning it frequently is the way to go. This can be best achieved by following these steps.

Step 1

Get your hands on a good battery cleaner. Alternatively, you can cook up a concoction at your home. Simply mix a tablespoon of baking soda into a cup of water and thoroughly mix it.

Step 2

Disconnect your battery from the car. It’s even better if you take it out to allow for easier cleaning. Inspect your battery carefully for any signs of swelling and leakage. 

If that’s the case, you’re due for a new battery. But if you can’t find any, then you’re good to start cleaning it.

Step 3

Take a small brush, and dip it into your homemade battery cleaner. You should make sure that you scrub the terminals completely clean of any corrosion and grime. 

Corrosion and grime are the bane of batteries. Any muck on the battery casing should also be taken care of before you put your battery back into the car.

Additional Step

If you want extra insurance against corrosion, cover your terminals in petroleum jelly. This will provide a water-resistance to the terminals, while slowing the rate of corrosion. It will also help in lubricating them.

Car Battery Maintenance

Every time you buy a new battery, it burns a deep hole in your pocket. Depending on the type of battery you buy, their cost varies significantly. Wouldn’t it be terrific if you could find a way to increase your new battery’s life span? 

Follow these methods to improve the lifetime of your battery.

Keep the Acid Levels of Your Battery Under Check

This should be a part of your monthly battery check-up routine. Top up the battery with distilled water or sulfuric acid. It could damage the battery and worsen its performance if you starve for a long period.

Don’t Leave Your Car Off for too Long

Batteries lose their charge over time. The natural way to charge an automobile battery is by turning it on. When the engine runs, it charges the battery. Try to take your car for a ride at least once every 3 days.

Don’t Overcharge Your Battery

If there is a need to charge your car battery manually, then make sure you don’t overdo it. Charging it too much can degrade the plates inside and shorten the battery’s life.

Keep the Cables Fastened

If the cables connecting the battery to your car have a loose connection with the battery terminal, then they will move around a lot. This can lead to sparking and unnecessary rubbing of the contact points. Screw the wires tightly to the terminal so that they don’t move around.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Car Battery?

Battery replacements are among the more expensive aspects of car maintenance. The major factors that come into play are the battery type you put in your car and its quality. 

A rough estimate would be around $45 for the extremely cheap ones and $250 for the higher-end batteries.

As we mentioned above in the article, sealed batteries fare the best against wet weather. Consequently, they will also cost you more. A good sealed car battery will cost you anywhere from $350 to $500.

What is the Hybrid Revolution of Tesla?


Tesla is a company that makes cars that run only on batteries. These environmentally friendly cars run on electricity alone, without cutting corners in the performance department. This is the exact opposite of conventional cars, which use hydrocarbons to run and produce harmful emissions.

The increasing issues of global warming and melting ice caps has alarmed people around the world. A drastic change is needed if we, as humans, want our species to last more than a few hundred years. This is the major selling point of Tesla.

This revolution started by Tesla isn’t going to stop anytime soon, as countries have started to completely ban petrol cars. The future lies in electric cars, and Tesla is at the head of this revolution. 

The advancements in technology have made batteries powerful enough to last hundreds of miles on a single charge, and charge within a night.

The combined effect of advanced technology and deteriorating global conditions have allowed Tesla to become the huge conglomerate that they are today.

Conclusion – Can Car Batteries Get Wet?

In this article, we discussed types of batteries and how to protect them from water damage. We also guided you on how to conduct basic battery maintenance to increase the longevity of a battery. Hopefully we were able to answer the question on your mind – Can car batteries get wet?

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