Basic Car Care 101 – Learn About Your Car


Basic Car Care 101 is about learning to take care of minor maintenance on your vehicle to keep it in good working order in between mandatory maintenance (see vehicle maintenance record in the owner’s manual).

Your basic car care maintenance consists of changing wiper blades, oil, doing a tune up (plugs, wires (ignition coils), air filter, cabin filter, tires, and other things.

Each article is designed to help you manage your vehicle’s needs. I can show you how to find each detail to do what needs to be done. Videos are also great tutorials.


Trouble-shooting is a means in which you learn how to solve a problem you’re having with your vehicle.

For Example…

The car turns over slowly or it bucks when driving it. You need to get an answer so you can make a good decision in getting it repaired. (It may be something you can do yourself.)

Trouble shooting
Photo by Marc Steenbeke on Unsplash

It may require you to look into your Owner’s Manual (trouble-shooting section), online forums (specific for each vehicle), talking to your mechanic, or to people at the dealership in the service dept.

YouTube is also a great place to find information on how to solve a problem. It can also show you how to repair the problems you may have.


Your Owner’s Manual is the place to find your specific vehicle information on all bulbs, fluids, maintenance, and more. If you don’t have one – I can help you find it. There are also many other sources online for the information which I will share with you.

I will share with you how to find a buy a good used car with information and tools, where to get after market stuff to “decorate” your car (steering wheel cover, window shades, vent visors and more), how to look up wiper blades, batteries and bulbs, how to use your owner’s manual, where to get one, getting a repair manual and more.


Tired of waiting on others to put new wipers on, or adding air, oil or any other fluid to the car? Here’s your chance to learn how to do this for yourself.

You can learn how to do things such as checking tires for size and how to check the air and add more, checking fluids on the dipsticks, changing an air filter and more.

I can show you how to save money by using free services and where to find them. Find coupons online, order parts online and pick them up, to set up a business account with an Auto Parts store and more.



I plan on teaching a Hands-On Basic Maintenance Class. In the future, I will also have step-by-step videos to help you as well.

The class will come with a handbook, a tire gauge, and a raffle ticket. The prize is an automobile safety kit – for when you
break down. (Everyone does at some point, even if you do the required maintenance or catch a problem starting.)

Feel free to contact me if you have a comment, question or suggestion about something. I’m here to help. I’ve been down that road and I know what’s it like to wait on others to help. It’s easier to learn to do it yourself and then those things you need done right now, get done.


It Pays To Know Your Car

As most of us veteran car owners know, you learn about your car as the days, weeks, months go by. Each vehicle has it’s own personality. Learning how to take better care of them is paramount to having a vehicle that is more efficient, will last longer and run better.

If you don’t take care of it, it will not last, it will use more gas, have more problems and turn into a serious “money pit”. You are responsible for the vehicle you own. It’s an investment and should be treated as such.


16 Replies to “Basic Car Care 101 – Learn About Your Car”

  1. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us and I have come to know about car maintenance very well through you and I have been driving for the last two years. But I still haven’t learned how to change my car’s tire and how can I understand if my car’s headlight is damaged and how to repair it? I will be very aware of this after reading your article and I would like to ask you if I can find detailed information on this on YouTube and will you give me some links through which I can solve our problems. I want to give you some tutorials on how to change a car tire, can you help me with this?

    1. Yes, I can help with headlight fix or replace and with tires as well. I will find some helpful videos as well. 

      If you have an owner’s manual in your glovebox or console, look up headlights in there or maintenance. Each car has a different listing for these things. If you read all the headlight or bulb listings in there – you may find what you are looking for. Some manuals will even have directions on how to change a tire as well. 


  2. Certain basic care I think all drivers should know for some specific things like wipers and tires changing and how to add font shield cleaning water as well as oil. But other than these I think with the complexity of today’s cars it becomes more and more hard for the average Joe to change things like light bulbs, air filters or certain wires as the risk of destroying something in the car is higher.

  3. I found your article very useful and informative. I have learnt a lot from your car care tips and maintenance. 

    What are the best ways to extend the life  of your vehicle?Any recommended products for car cleaning and maintenance?

    Thanks for sharing this great article on basic Car Care 

    Keep up the good work. 

    1. Yes, I will get into that soon. Check your owner’s manual if you have one, and look for cleaning and/or maintenance. Sometimes the manufacturer will recommend certain cleaners and they definitely have the proper fluid listings for your vehicle as well as other information. 


  4. Hey, you have touched quite a lot in regards to maintaining my own car all my self. I have managed to do so many stuffs (both technical and nontechnical) with the aid of the internet and manuals too, I also learn from people quickly. If our car has some issues and we’re able to fix it all by ourselves, there are some good benefits attached. We’d save money, we’d save time and we’d be proud of ourselves too. So I hope to learn more from you in the future hopefully just as you have promised to offer. You answered every question I’d have asked,,, thanks and bye for now.

  5. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us and I have learned a wonderful thing through you. I am a professional driver and I have been driving for the last 7 years. I have a rough idea about my car parts and I have read my car manual very well. I can say, of course, a good quality mechanical engineer and I have a very good knowledge of cars and after reading your article I realized that your article has been great and I think that after reading your article, many will gain knowledge about it.  But you have a question and you said that from YouTube I can learn all kinds of technical issues but I can’t find everything on YouTube. My question to you is how can I find out how many kilometers my car engine has gone?

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful article with us. Your article was interesting and informative. I read your article. I received a lot of valuable information about car care and I think every person should take care of car care. I read your article on how to do car maintenance and I have been driving for over a year I still do not know how to change the wheel of a car, how to change the headlights I can not solve it if there is a car problem. How can I solve these problems if you have a link? Can you help me give some youtube links? I really enjoyed reading this article and found this valuable information and I think other people like me will benefit from reading your article. I have bookmarked your web site so that I can come back to your website next time. I thank you again for providing such a wonderful post. I wish you good health.

    1. Yes, MD … I’m working on those things right now. It may take me awhile to get it done, but I will do what I can to help. I’m in the process of looking for those videos….

      Stay tuned!


  7. As a woman, I have to say that your website is very useful and informative for me. The thing that scared me the most is I don’t know how to fix my car if it is broken in the middle of the road, especially when the time I’m alone. I can learn how to check the fuel and fluids on the dipsticks, changing the air filter and more. Taking better care of the car is important to avoid any problems occur and turn into serious ‘money pit’. Thank you for the great post. 

    1. Hi Miki,

      Does your insurance provide you with Roadside Assistance or do you have AAA? If you break down, stay in the car. Call a police officer and let them know you’re on the side of the road (safety) and call your Roadside Assistance people or AAA to have them come help you.

      I hope this helps… 


  8. Understanding your car is like understanding your spouse. This takes time though and just like you’ve said, it may take days or months to get a hang of it. I remembered when I had my first car, it was really a hell. I got frustrated with the whole issue of always needing people’s help.

    We definitely need to care for our car just the way we care for our pet. One thing that I’ve always want to learn is to change brake pads. Can your website teach me this?

    1. Maybe… I’ll work on that as I have others who have asked me. Each car is different and may require different tools to do this. Let me see what I can come up with. I have a few mechanic friends…. 😀


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