car battery
by Sylvia Guillemette | 8:53 pm

Different Types of Vehicle Batteries

How can you tell if you need a new battery for your vehicle? There are different battery types for different cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs. How they connect and where they are located is

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car rear wing
by Sylvia Guillemette | 3:37 pm

Fun Accessories for Your Car, Truck, Crossover or SUV

Buying fun accessories for your car, truck, crossover or SUV is like finding parts for it. Whether you are looking for something common sense like vent visors over the windows to keep rain, snow

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by Sylvia Guillemette | 1:13 pm

Brake Pads and Rotors – What You Need to Know

Brakes are another very important working part of your vehicle. For one, by law your braking system has to be working correctly. The insurance company will not cover you if the braking system (and

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winter wipers
by Sylvia Guillemette | 12:20 pm

Wiper Blade Replacement – Do It Yourself

Wiper blades on a vehicle are one of the most important parts on it. Without them you cannot see where you are going in rain, snow, sleet, and the mist from fog. It is

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ice scraper
by Sylvia Guillemette | 11:02 pm

How to Prepare for Winter Weather

There are many ways you can prepare in advance for winter weather and the cold that comes with it. You can ask yourself things like should I get new wipers, do I have enough

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by Sylvia Guillemette | 1:02 am

How to Change A Tire – What You Should Know

Changing a tire can be very trying for someone who has never done it before. There are some things you should know and have before you attempt to do this. For older cars, there

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Free Services
by Sylvia Guillemette | 6:56 pm

Auto Parts Stores – Things You Don’t Know About

Not everyone works in the auto parts industry. A regular customer who has never been in the automotive industry or is new to owning a car and buying parts for it, isn’t going to

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Ford Taurus Wagon
by Sylvia Guillemette | 6:15 pm

How to Buy A Car – Do Your Research

When you’re in need of another car, whether a new or used one, make sure you do your research properly or you may find yourself with another money pit or worse. How to buy

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State Farm Insurance
by Sylvia Guillemette | 2:32 pm

CT State Farm Insurance Review – Doug Brown

In Connecticut, trying to find a good auto insurance company can be trying. If you don’t know the agent, or what you need, or the other things that may that you aren’t aware of

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Broken Lens
by Sylvia Guillemette | 1:51 pm

Fixing A Broken Lens – Do It Yourself (DIY)

If you’ve ever broken a headlight, side marker light, or tail light lens on your vehicle, you need to fix it as water and electricity will cause the light or light socket to short

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